About Us


We’re like you.

There’s a job to be done and it needs to be done better.

You need better oils and lubricants supplied at the best time - that’s exactly what we do. We’re the specialist team helping keep your cogs greased, oiled, and turning – literally!

The way we see it, our customers are the oil of New Zealand – you make us proud, farming, catching, and producing; food, timber, steel, roads, infrastructure and so much more – and our mission is to support you in supplying the quality oil and solutions you need to keep your machinery and processes running smoothly.

To tell you the truth, Duramach’s one champion team inspired to stand out from the rest by passionately delivering a better service in everything we do, from product sourcing through to invoicing and delivery. 

So what are you waiting for? Jump on board with Duramach for…

  • Industrial grade oils and lubricants
  • ISO 21469 Certified
  • An expert team that looks after your needs
Give us a call on 09 837 1174 or email sales@duramach.nz