CADBURY - Sweet Processing

Switching to Petro-Canad's PURITY FG has reduced osts, increased our up-time and improved the performance of our equipment."

"Working with Petro-Canada has been excellent across the board," said Needham. "Throughout our ten years working together, customer service - from technical help to delivery lead time - has been first-rate."

"Switching to Petro-Canada's PURITY FG has reduced costs, increased our up-time and improved the performance of our equipment," said Needham. "We have over 10 years of experience with Petro-Canada and we are pleased with the performance that their PURITY FG AW 46 Hydraulic Fluid has provided."

Copper Mountain Mine

"Opening a mine is a huge undertaking, which is why new mines don't open every day. So when they do, it's important to choose the right people to work with. We believe we have a great business relationship with Petro-Canada."

"The mine is a big deal for the province, as we haven't had a mine opening since the 1990s," explains Tom Blake, Mine Maintenance Superintendent.

"No matter the presentation, the one thing that mattered most was that suppliers actually did what they said they would do - that's what's really important," comments Blake.

"What really sets Petro-Canada apart is their experience in the mining industry, their understanding of our equipment, and their local support to help us while we got started, and on-going," explains Blake.


"We switched all of our lubricants to Petro-Canada and since then we've seen amazing results, and reduced our purchases from $198,500 ($194,500 USD) to $90,200 ($88,400 USD) per year."

"We tested PURITY FG Trolley Fluid from Petro-Canada Lubricants and we knew after the first use that it was just as free-flowing as other lubricants we tried, but it had surprisingly better adhesion. You typically find these types of oils only in specialist firms and at much higher prices," explains Tommy Dahl, Plant Maintenance Engineer.

"The oil from Petro-Canada performed the best at the right price," adds Ole Aaberg, Plant Maintenance Manager.


"I would recommend Petro-Canada's products and services to anyone." - Barry Rhoney, Manager of Maintenance, Hershey Chocolate of Virginia, Inc.

"I am thoroughly satisfied with the performance benefits and cost savings that Petro-Canada lubricants give our operation. Petro-Canada sales technicians and engineers are very professional and will work hard to solve your problems and answer any questions you may have. I would recommend Petro-Canada's products and services to anyone."


"The PURITY FG AW Hydraulic Fluid is simply terrific and the PURITY FG Grease has superior water resistance" - Erika Wiksten, Owner and General Manager, Minterbrook Oyster Compan

"PURITY FG AW Hydraulic Fluid is one product that can be used in all of our equipment so there is a cost saving," said Wiksten. "Plus, there has been no downtime and no effect on productivity as a result of the change in product. The hydraulic fluid is simply terrific and the PURITY FG grease has superior water resistance; the bearings are constantly in salt water and exposed to high levels of grit; there has been no visible signs of moisture seeps into the bearings. It is a very durable product."

"The product may be a little more expensive but it's an investment that's well worth it. Go with a company that has a solid, good reputation and stands behind its products. That's Petro-Canada," said Wiksten