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HYDREX™ MV Arctic 15 Hydraulic Fluid


HYDREX MV Arctic 15 is a premium quality, high performance hydraulic fluid designed for extremely cold temperature operations or applications where a low viscosity fluid is preferred.

HYDREX MV Arctic 15 starts with the HT purity process to produce a 99.9% pure, crystal clear base oil. By removing the impurities that can hinder the performance of competitive conventional oils, and blending in our specialty additives, HYDREX MV Arctic 15 delivers maximum performance.

Features & Benefits

Developed for arctic conditions

  • Allows hydraulic systems to start at temperatures < -50°C/-58°F under no-load conditions

  • Excellent low temperature flow characteristics result in easy start-ups and faster hydraulic system pressurization


Exceptional anti-wear protection

  • Extends equipment life for reduced maintenance and downtime


Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability

  • Prevents sludge build up and varnish deposits to ensure smooth, reliable operation of hydraulic valves and actuators

  • Helps extend the time between oil changes


Excellent water separability and hydrolytic stability

  • Reusable after water is removed because HYDREX MV Arctic 15 separates readily without loss of performance additives


Great foam and air release performance

  • Prevents overflowing of reservoirs

  • Eliminates “sponginess” from hydraulic systems and prevents pump cavitation


Improved rust and corrosion protection

  • Iron and other metal components are protected against water damage


Readily biodegradable as measured by OECD 301B


HYDREX MV Arctic 15 is recommended for vane, gear and axial piston hydraulic pumps for applications requiring ISO viscosity grades 10 and 15. HYDREX MV Arctic 15 is also recommended for use in emergency shutdown valves or other critical low temperature heavy-duty hydraulic systems that are required to respond quickly and reliably, including extremely low temperatures down to -45°C/-49°F.


HYDREX MV Arctic 15 has been shown to be compatible with other zinc-based, petroleum hydraulic fluids and polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic fluids. However, to obtain maximum performance and service life benefits, systems should be thoroughly drained and flushed prior to filling with HYDREX MV Arctic 15. Please refer to TB-1284 for changeout procedure instructions. It is also compatible with typical seal materials and will not attack valve seals.


Bosch Rexroth

  • Recommended for use in equipment manufactured by Bosch-Rexroth



  • Recommended for use in equipment manufactured by Denison



  • Recommended for use in equipment manufactured by Dynex



  • Approved for Eaton E-FDGN-TB002-E

  • Recommended for use in equipment manufactured by Eaton Vickers



  • Recommended for use in equipment manufactured by Hydreco



  • Recommended for use in equipment manufactured by Komatsu



  • Recommended for use in equipment manufactured by Oilgear



  • Recommended for use in equipment manufactured by Sauer-Danfoss

HYDREX MV Arctic 15 is NSF H2 listed (no allowable food contact)


Certified Petro-Canada Product

Duramach partner with Petro-Canada to supply world-class advanced lubricants, specialty fluids and greases developed from over 30 years of research and development.


Petro-Canada lubricants continue to perform beyond expectations in virtually every industry around the globe. 

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