We’d like to take some of the stress off you around the auditing process.


Duramach’s SmartSupply system is designed to keep everything in order so you’ll be as ready as you can be come audit time:

  • EasyStock – ensures you’ve got the right products stocked on site being used in the right places.

  • PerformanceProducts – ensures you’ve got the best products being used for the job, and the documentation to go with them!

  • BetterGear – helps to make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job.

  • ZeroWaste – gets rid of the stuff you don’t need in the right way and can even help in your sustainability efforts.



The other way we can help is by conducting regular ‘pre-audit’ on-site lube compliance surveys. While we can’t officially give you the sign off, we do have the skills to do a survey and check to make sure you’ve got everything in place for a hassle free audit.


How often do you do the surveys?

Depending on the needs of your plant, we’d usually suggest one every 6-12 months.

Are the results kept confidential?

Absolutely – the survey is purely to determine if anything needs doing to ensure you pass your audit.

What happens if something is wrong?

If there’s anything that requires attention we’ll notify you, and if it’s something we can do to fix it (like a missing document) we will.

What if we don’t want a survey?

That’s fine, you don’t have to have one.

Is there an extra charge for the surveys?

No – annual or bi-annual lube compliance surveys can be conducted as part of our SmartSupply system.

More questions?

If you're interested, or have more questions just enquire below or give us a call on 09 837 1174!