EasyStock Inventory Management

When it comes to oil stock management, there's some headaches you could do without...

  • Making sure the right oils are being allocated to the right places is something that needs to be constantly monitored.

  • Keeping up with stock levels, ordering, and keeping the storage area tidy can be a hassle.

  • If stock management and documentation is not in order it makes audit time a real nightmare.

Save the Panadol for another day because here's an EasyStock solution...



Instead of you doing all the work of keeping up with what oils you need, where they're going, and the documentation that goes with them - we'll do it for you! 


We'll set up a storage cabinet similar to the picture above and colour coordinate your products so it's easy to know what goes where.


We'll ensure the cabinet is stocked with more than what you'd generally need in a month so that you're never left without. Rather than purchasing stock up front, you'll just get charged for what you use which is determined when we come in to replenish each month.

& Auditing

Along with the tidy storage area, we'll supply all the compliance documents you need to go with each product in the cabinet and keep them up-to-date so it's right there when audit time rolls around.


What products would be stocked in the cabinet?

Just the Duramach products you regularly use that have been approved by you to be in the cabinet.

How is it possible to not run out?

Our usual monthly consumption plus 1 month of buffer stock is always maintained onsite for you and we check this every month.

What happens when we have a shut down?

Shut projects often are known in advance, when this is the case we can ramp up stock on site for the duration of the shut project then reduce stock again afterwards if needed.

Where are you based?

We have a stock management team operating in most regions of New Zealand.

Who owns the stock?

Duramach does and you only receive an invoice for the oil you’ve used - great for cashflow!

Where’s the catch?

There's no catch – it’s a simple process that we manage for just $11.00 per week. If it doesn't work for you, we'd just take it away and revert back to your previous way of managing stock.

What happens if our stock here does run out?

We look at your average usage of each product per month and hold an additional buffer amount on site so you don't run out.

Who looks after it?

One of our team will be dedicated to your site and will carry out a thorough stock tidy and check process every month.

More questions?

If you're interested, or have more questions just enquire below or give us a call on 09 837 1174!