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LUMINOL™ TRi Electrical Insulating Oils


LUMINOL TRi oils are suitable for use in large power and distribution transformers operating at peak capacity. These industrial grade lubricants offer the added safety provided by negative gassing technology as well as improved low temperature performance.

LUMINOL™ TRi Outperforms Naphthenic Electrical Insulating Oils


LUMINOL TRi represents a breakthrough in electrical insulating oils technology. Unlike naphthenic mineral oils, LUMINOL TRi uses Petro-Canada Lubricants ultra-pure severely hydrotreated isoparaffinic base oils to help minimize power loss and maximize productivity. These fluids contain no corrosive sulphur that may lead to transformer breakdown.


LUMINOL TRi withstands energy spikes and hot and cold weather extremes better than naphthenic electrical insulating oils. LUMINOL TRi’s isoparaffinic base oil provides superior heat transfer properties compared to naphthenic oils, helping transformers operate cooler in high ambient temperatures. Thanks to naturally high oxidation stability, LUMINOL TRi resists breakdown and helps provide extended service life. So less money is spent on routine transformer maintenance and fluid top-up, and less time is spent worrying about transformer efficiency.


LUMINOL TRi delivers worry-free, corrosive sulphur-free performance.

Environmental, Health & Safety Benefits

LUMINOL TRi is produced using ultra-refined isoparaffinic base oil. It can help reduce disposal costs and the potential impact of spills, as well as answer possible environmental concerns about transformer oil toxicity. LUMINOL TRi is inherently biodegradable in natural environments. As well, its negative gassing tendency and higher flash point help reduce the risk of fire and explosion.

Demonstrated Characteristics

  • Outstanding oxidation stability to help extend the service life of circuit breakers and LTCs.

  • Excellent heat transfer capability to help enhance transformer performance.

  • High dielectric impulse strength to improve performance in the presence of overvoltage conditions.

  • Low power-factor (dielectric loss) to reduce thermal runaway under conditions of high electric stress.

  • Negative gassing to reduce the risk of failure from hydrogen gas bubbles.

  • Full compatibility with existing naphthenic insulating oils, which enhances the performance of the combined fluids.

  • LUMINOL TRi contains no corrosive sulphur compounds and does not require passivators. • LUMINOL TRi is colourless.

  • Outstanding cold weather performance.

  • LUMINOL TRi has a high interfacial tension due to its purity resulting in reduced fluid degradation and lower tendency to form sludge.


LUMINOL TRi is ideal for use in large power and distribution transformers operating at peak capacity as well as freebreathing units, pad mount, and pole mount transformers; for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

  • LUMINOL TRi is designed for Type II applications.

  • LUMINOL TRi meets or exceeds the performance requirements of CAN / CSA-C50-14 (R2018) (Class A and B), ASTM D3487 standards, and DOBLE TOPS specifications.

  • LUMINOL TRi meets the CSA-C50-14 (R2018) upgraded oxidation stability Special Requirements for Type III and Type IV fluids respectively.

  • LUMINOL TRi is approved for applications requiring Hydro One M-104

  • LUMINOL TRi meets IEC 60296 General specifications for fully inhibited high grade oil (Type A)


  • Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of IEC 60296 for fluids for electrotechnical applications – unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgears.

  • CSA C50 Class A & B

  • ASTM D3487


  • Rated non-corrosive as tested by ASTM D1275 B and IEC 62353



  • Luminol TRi: Valid for AC & HV/DC applications

  • Luminol TR: valid for AC applications only



  • Luminol TRi: ABB Doc # 1ZBA 117 001 – 1 (Class HI-A)

  • Luminol TR: ABB Doc # 1ZBA 117 001 – 8 (Class HT-A)


Maschinefabrik Reinhausen

  • Approval for entire product range of OLTCs (on-load tap changers)



  • Luminol TRi: Class A oil for use in distribution transformers


Ontario Hydro-One

  • Luminol TR & TRi: Specification M-104


Certified Petro-Canada Product

Duramach partner with Petro-Canada to supply world-class advanced lubricants, specialty fluids and greases developed from over 30 years of research and development.


Petro-Canada lubricants continue to perform beyond expectations in virtually every industry around the globe. 

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