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EziStock is Duramach’s vendor managed inventory (VMI) system. You own all the stock on site, we just make sure you never run out, it’s kept tidy and replenished, and you’ve got everything you need to prove you’re compliant with any relevant regulations you need to meet.

  • We consult with you to consolidate your inventory and work out the optimum stock levels to be kept on site.

  • EziStock storage facilities are set up which include clearly labelled pouring containers and any required product documentation.

  • Local EziStock replenishers arrive at the start of each month to check stock levels and replenish based on the previous month’s usage.

How It Works


Features & Benefits

  • Product consolidation – all your lubrication products are consolidated down to what you need and use regularly, keeping your stock tidy and reducing waste.

  • EziStock storage facilities – products are kept in secure storage facilities which make it safe easy for staff to access the correct lubricants for different jobs.

  • Stock management – with EziStock replenishment you no longer need to spend time monitoring lubricant levels and managing supplier purchase orders.

  • Reliable supply – the EziStock system ensures you’ll always have stock available when and where you need it.

  • Local replenishers – we’ve got replenishers right throughout New Zealand, so if there’s anything you need we can usually get it sorted reasonably fast.

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