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HYDREX™ and ENVIRON™ Hydraulic Fluids are engineered to resist thermal and oxidative breakdown, provide extended drain intervals, and protect against equipment wear. They minimize sludge and varnish deposits for smoother equipment performance and reduced maintenance.

These industrial grade lubricants perform year-round in wide temperature ranges, and the ENVIRON line has been specially formulated for operations working in environmentally-sensitive areas.


HYDREX high performance hydraulic fluids provide increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs — whether your equipment is exposed to wide or extreme temperature ranges — whatever the season.

With up to 3x longer oil life and up 2x better wear protection than competitive fluids, count on the worry-free performance of HYDREX to keep your equipment running smoothly.


When your work takes you into an environment that’s at risk, ENVIRON is the hydraulic fluid you want to take with you. Petro-Canada Lubricants’ ENVIRON line of inherently and readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids are free of heavy metals, non-toxic, and recyclable.


Hydraulic Fluids


Certified Petro-Canada Product

Duramach partner with Petro-Canada to supply world-class advanced lubricants, specialty fluids and greases developed from over 30 years of research and development.


Petro-Canada lubricants continue to perform beyond expectations in virtually every industry around the globe. 

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