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Oil Testing & Analysis

Testing and analysing your oils is a low cost, preventative maintenance measure to safeguard against machinery breakdowns.

Our oil analysis kits are quick and easy, providing you with the information you need to ensure your machines remain in good operating condition.

  • Fast Turnaround - A New Zealand based laboratory  ensures a 2-5 day turnaround (depending on courier times).

  • Independently tested - we use an independent laboratory to test your oils for non-biased results.

  • Results Analysis - we'll take the scientific results and provide you with a humanised analysis of what your results show.

With most companies spending at least 10% of their revenue on maintenance and equipment repair, regular oil analysis is an important part of your maintenance plan. The small cost of testing can easily save you the large costs associated with equipment downtime, productivity loss, and inefficient machine operations.


Oil analysis is a preventative measure to help with the early detection of:

  • Problems in the initial stages of development

  • Excessive wear and the source of that component’s wear

  • Unwanted contaminants, such as dirt, water, coolant, nitration, and incorrect oil 

  • The lubricant’s suitability for further service time, i.e. oil and equipment degradation

  • Dilution of lubricants

  • Misapplication of lubricants

  • The oil’s physical properties

Duramach work with ALS New Zealand to provide you with independent, accurate testing for non-biased results. 

Turnaround time for the oil analysis kits are fast at 2-5 days so you're not waiting on potentially critical results. The laboratory is located in Wellington, and we find it's usually courier time that determines how fast you get the results. Once the lab has received your sample, processing is quite fast. 

What's Included?

Oil Analysis Kits

All oil analysis kits include:

  • Sample bottle (glass for refrigeration compressor oils) and mailing canister.

  • Oil Sampling tubes

  • Sample Information Sheets (SIF)

  • Analysis of samples 

  • Reporting of Results - reports are delivered via e-mail PDF and/or online web access.

  • Return postage for samples to the Wellington laboratory via tracked courier

Further to the results from ALS, Duramach can provide a humanised analysis of the scientific results so you know exactly what's going on with your oil and machine.

Standard Test Kits

These are recommended for most industrial applications including refrigeration compressors.

Standard Test Kit.png

Macro Test Kits

Macro test fits are ​recommended for industrial, fixed plant and turbine applications which require a higher level of testing.

These include everything in the standard oil analysis kits plus:

  • Moisture by Karl Fisher

  • Acid number on hydraulics

  • Colour

  • ISO4406 cleanliness on gearbox oils

Talk to us about oil analysis kits for your plant. Bulk buy pricing available.

Call 09 837 1174 or email

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