PEERLESS™ LLG Calcium Sulphonate Greases


PEERLESS™ greases are premium performance, multi-application greases formulated to reduce operating costs and provide extended protection in high temperature or wet operating conditions.

Peerless LLG combines three areas of high technology, namely:

  • Petro-Canada ultra pure HT Severely Hydrocracked base oils

  • Petro-Canada’s proven antioxidant chemistry

  • The latest in calcium sulphonate complex grease thickeners


The Peerless OG line of extreme pressure (EP), high temperature multi-application greases are specially formulated to be highly effective in wet and marine environments. Based on a special calcium sulfonate complex thickener, these greases can absorb moderate amounts of water without softening, changing consistency or losing corrosion prevention capability.

Features & Benefits

  • Long life under high temperature provides long-lasting equipment protection.

    • PEERLESS LLG lasts longer than competitive premium multi-application grease at high temperature.​

    • Peerless LLG’s high operating temperature provides extended protection under severe conditions compared to leading competitive products.

  • Excellent water resistance

    • PEERLESS LLG superior water washout resistance reduces maintenance costs in wet environments​

    • Stays in place in wet and marine applications

    • Maintains consistency after absorbing water

    • Strongly resists water wash-off and lengthens lubrication intervals

  • High mechanical stability in severe operating conditions

    • PEERLESS LLG also lowers maintenance costs as a result of reduced product breakdowns under low to moderately high shear conditions​

    • Reduces bearing wear and extends equipment life

    • Protects bearings under heavy loading


A premium multi-application calcium sulphonate complex grease, Peerless LLG provides outstanding oxidation stability, excellent water resistance, outstanding rust protection and excellent load carrying ability under high operating temperatures. It is particularly recommended for high temperature and long life applications which include:

  • Equipment running continuously at temperatures up to 200°C/392°F and extremely wet conditions

  • Wheel bearings and automotive chassis

  • Sealed-for-life bearings

  • Constant velocity joints

  • Small appliance

  • Ovens and Kilns


Certified Petro-Canada Product

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