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POE Oils
CAMCO Lubricants RPOE

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Custom formulated POE compressor oils suitable for HFC and hydrocarbon refrigerants. Excellent lubricity & improved low temperature. ISO 32, 46, 68, 120 & 170.

Camco RPOE oils are custom formulated Polyolester (POE) synthetic lubricants suitable for certain refrigeration compressor applications such as with HFC and hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Blended in the USA, Camco lubricants are developed to last longer, perform better, and increase the life of your equipment. Camco's POE oils provide excellent lubricity, improved low temperature characteristics to enable higher efficiency.


POE oils may also be suitable for CO2 applications. POE oils contain no wax and therefore have no Floc point, miscibility charts for specific refrigerants are used.

Performance Benefits

  • Excellent lubricity

  • Improved low temperature characteristics

  • Higher efficiency


  • Reciprocating

  • Rotary Vane

  • Scroll

  • Centrifugal

  • Screw

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