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CASE STUDY: M.J. Enright and Sons Logging, Inc

'I am extremely pleased with the performance of HYDREX MV 32 and the resulting lower sludge build-up and easier low temperature starts.'

In Canada, logging and forestry companies are faced with wide temperature extremes. In the winter, deep in a forest, cold ambient temperatures of -30°C (-22°F) to -35°C (-31°F) are not uncommon. While in the summer a humid high of 35°C (95°F) is not unrealistic.

With equipment being pushed to the limit for hours on end, day after day and in such harsh conditions, it is becoming increasingly important that companies use top quality hydraulic fluid that can both persevere and perform.

M.J. Enright and Sons Logging, Inc. is a family-owned logging company located in Mount St. Patrick, Ontario (about two hours west of Ottawa). They operate a small but strong fleet consisting of one Timber Pro harvester with a Risley Rolly-2 processing head and one 1210-B Timberjack eight-wheel forwarder.

Their equipment is, without question, the lifeblood of their business. It needs to be running at peak performance at all times.


The Situation

With such a small fleet, equipment uptime is of utmost importance. Unlike a larger company, the luxury of using backup machines during downtime doesn’t exist for M.J. Enright and Sons Logging, Inc.

'We need to protect our investment – our equipment. We work out in extremely cold weather and our equipment is run hard. Using high quality lubricants helps our equipment perform, no matter what we throw at it.'

- Jamie Enright, M.J. Enright and Sons Logging, Inc. Owner/ Operator.

So when Enright was in need of an advanced hydraulic fluid that would reduce sludge and varnish build-up, extend drain intervals and alleviate system start-up issues – ultimately increasing productivity – he looked to Petro-Canada for help.

Petro-Canada’s solution was HYDREX MV 32 – a premium performance, long-life, anti-wear hydraulic fluid designed for year-round use in heavy duty hydraulic systems operating in wide temperature extremes. It delivers increased productivity in all seasons and reduced costs through product consolidation.


The Switch

'Since switching to HYDREX MV 32 in both the forwarder and the harvester, I’m not wasting my time changing oil, and since it’s designed to perform year-round I only have to inventory the one grade of oil. I’ve also noticed that since I started running this oil I haven’t been blowing near as many hoses. I’ve probably cut my downtime by half.'

HYDREX MV 32 hydraulic fluids provide excellent operating and maintenance benefits in a wide range of hydraulic systems found in industrial machinery and mobile equipment used in construction, marine, mining and woodlands operations. HYDREX provides up to 2x better wear protection than the leading global competitor


Year-Round Performance

'HYDREX MV 32 is good for both summer and winter. I started using it in the fall of 2005. With proper monitoring I didn’t change it in the spring of 2006, so I used it this past summer and I checked it again and didn’t change it this fall either which means, based on a good monitoring program, I’ll be using it this winter too – I haven’t changed my oil yet!'

HYDREX MV 32 provides minimal fluid friction at low start-up temperatures and the correct viscosity at high operating temperatures

'We are extremely pleased with the performance of HYDREX MV 32 and our improved maintenance program. Upon inspection, we have noticed a tremendous improvement in the cleanliness of the reservoir tank. We have also noticed easy low temperature starts. Overall the product quality is second to none for our needs.'

What sets HYDREX MV 32 apart is Petro-Canada’s HT purity process – that’s where it all starts. The HYDREX MV 32 formula starts pure, using 99.9% pure base fluids, to protect better and longer. By removing the impurities that can hinder oil performance, HYDREX MV retains its “fresh oil” properties longer. Petro-Canada then blends these exceptional, crystal-clear base oils with the finest specialty additives to provide improved lubrication of hydraulic components over a wide operating temperature range, a faster responsiveness on start-up and long equipment life



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