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CASE STUDY: Michael Glering, Plant Technical Manager

'We’ve had a valuable and useful experience with REFLO A. We expect to cut our total consumption of lubricating oil for our compressors in half.'

Michael Glering is the Planet Technical Manager for Claus Sørensen - the biggest refrigerated and cold store group in Denmark. Their facilities are used for freezing and storing a range of food products, including seafood, meat, bread, ice cream, fruits and vegetables.

They decided to trial REFLO A in one of their plants - this is their story...


The Challenge

Maintaining a cold store facility is a complex task. The compressors used in cooling systems are critical to the success of the operation and must be consistently maintained at peak efficiency to keep operating costs in line.

'Our freezing plants make rigorous demands on the compressor oil we use... We operate to temperatures as low as -20°C, so we need compressor oil that will stand up to these demands.'

When Claus Sørensen bought several new Grasso refrigerating compressors for their Vejle plant, they required a compressor fluid that could:

  • Handle the frigid temperatures of their facilities

  • Provide equipment protection

  • Offer the potential for reduced oil consumption and cost savings


The Solution

A drum of REFLO A ammonia refrigeration compressor fluid was supplied with the compressors. After consulting with Petro-Canada’s Danish distributor, Claus Sørensen agreed to test REFLO A in one of its plants.


The Result

Claus Sørensen overhauled one of their Grasso compressors. The machine had been in operation since 2003, and ran a total of 36,000 hours on REFLO A. What their technicians found inside was not what they expected....

'We were very surprised when we saw the results. The internal parts looked like they had just been installed in the compressor.'

Even after eight years of operation, the compressor showed no signs of coke formation and, thanks to the excellent protection of REFLO A, wear was so minimal that the internal components were still very close to the tolerance of brand new parts.

Normally, used lubricating oil from the refrigeration circuit is discarded but, after filtering, REFLO A was almost the same as the day it was poured into the system.

Since switching to REFLO A, Claus Sørensen has not only experienced the performance benefits it brings to their compressors, they’re also discovering how REFLO A can improve their bottom line.

'With REFLO A, we expect to cut our total consumption of lubricating oil for our compressors in half. When you consider the 27 Sabroe and Grasso piston compressors we have here in Vejle, and the larger number of compressors we run nationally, the cost savings can really add up.'

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