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CASE STUDY: Terminal Forest Products

'Our machines are running good with ENVIRON™; it works perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to use ENVIRON in anything'

Terminal Forest Products is a forest products company with forest assets and lumber manufacturing facilities in British Columbia, Canada and the northwestern United States. The company is committed to sustainable forest principles and innovative harvesting. Because of their corporate vision Terminal Forest Products chooses suppliers with forestry expertise. They rely on suppliers with products that maximize the performance of their equipment and are environmentally-friendly. The forest products company also requires their suppliers to have a strong service commitment.


Forestry Expertise

For their lubrication needs, Terminal Forest Products turned to Petro-Canada, a company with years of experience in the forestry industry. Petro-Canada has an entire portfolio of products designed to meet and exceed the distinct needs of the forestry industry. As far as lubrication goes, Terminal Forest Products has a lot of equipment to maintain.

'We have round saws and band saws, which are mostly custom-made. Every machine centre has its own saw that’s custom designed for the size of the wood being cut, the heat speeds of the equipment and the type of product being manufactured.'

- Mike Woodland, Maintenance Manager, Terminal Forest Products


Innovative Products

Terminal Forest Products lubricates their bandmill wheels and guides with Petroglide in a timed, high-pressure drip system. The oil comes out of a large reservoir and drips into the middle of the bottom wheel. The system never plugs up and running out is not a concern.

'We’ve been using Petroglide™ saw guide oil for years at the Mainland plant and switched to Petroglide a couple years ago at the Terminal plant. In summer, we use Petroglide 150 and in winter, Petroglide 100.'
'With Petroglide in our drip system, there’s less guide wear and wheel wear. Day in, day out, it’s the same amount of oil; it’s consistent. Our Terminal mill is on the drip system, we just did four resaws at our South Everson Lumber Company (SELCO) mill, and in the near future, we plan on converting the two bandmills at the Mainland mill. The Petroglide oil is working excellent!'

Petroglide saw guide oils are premium quality oils formulated to provide optimum tackiness and reduced friction for increased recovery rates and sawmill productivity.

'We find that Petroglide is stickier than our previous product, which just ran right off the saw. Petroglide has the right consistency and sticks well to the saw. With Petroglide, you get less guide wear, less saw wear and less heating, which means less downtime and saw changes. When there’s less saw wear, there’s less cost in replacing saws. We’re most definitely satisfied with Petroglide for our saws.'


Innovative Products With Environmental Due Diligence

Woodland and Kovlaske also have environmental matters to take into consideration. An environmentally-friendly hydraulic oil is needed for hydraulic systems operating at both the Mainland and Terminal sawmills. So again, Woodland and Kovlaske turned to Petro-Canada.

'Our goal is to do everything we can to protect the environment. We use ENVIRON™ MV 46 hydraulic oil in our Parker, Vicker and Lindi Pumps that operate in environmentally- sensitive areas over the water. We’ve never had a spill, but with ENVIRON, if a spill did happen, the impact would be a whole lot less on the environment.'

- Mike Woodland, Maintenance Manager, Terminal Forest Products

That’s because ENVIRON MV hydraulic fluids are non-toxic, inherently biodegradable and recyclable. They are suited for hydraulic applications in environmentally-sensitive locations.

'Our machines are running good with ENVIRON; it works perfect. We haven’t noticed any loss of efficiency with the machines, and actually, we think the cooling is a little better with ENVIRON.'

ENVIRON MV 46 is an anti-wear hydraulic fluid designed for use year-round in mobile and stationary heavy duty hydraulic systems where winter operating temperature ranges may occur. It provides long oil life, which could extend the time between fluid changes

'I wouldn’t hesitate to use ENVIRON in anything,. As a matter of fact, in future we’re looking at changing over a lot of our other non-environmentally-sensitive area systems. Right now we have to carry two products on-site, so by consolidating products and converting everything to ENVIRON, we only have to carry and store one product.'

Why is Woodland so pleased with Petro-Canada and their products? He knows he can rely on Petro-Canada’s extensive distribution network and forestry expertise. Through a commitment to the forestry industry, Petro-Canada has developed innovative forestry lubricant solutions that deliver maximum performance.

Both ENVIRON and Petroglide starts with a pure advantage in quality and performance. We use the HT Purity Process to remove performance-hindering impurities found in many conventional products.

The result is 99.9% pure base oils - among the purest in the world.

Combine our crystal-clear base oils with our formulation expertise and the result is a wide range of high performance lubricants, specialty fluids and greases that our-perform the competition and go beyond today’s standards.

And performance is exactly what Woodland and Kovlaske demand from the products used at all of Terminal Forest Products’ divisions.

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