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How To Improve Machine Performance Through Grease Application

The importance of consistently applying the right amount of grease to machines with industrial usage can’t be emphasised enough. Under or over lubrication is one of the main causes of premature bearing/machine failure.

What’s the main reason machines don’t get their correct dose of lubricant?

Human error.

It’s not that we don’t have the right intentions, but there are a number of factors that lead to under or overdosing a machine with grease:

  • Difficult access, making it difficult to supply the correct amount

  • Safety issues, adding an additional layer of complexity to do the job

  • Time or staff shortages which can easily lead to a scheduled greasing being put off or missed.

The best solution to improve safety, reliability, and the performance of your machines is to use automatic lubricators. The benefits of an automatic lubrication system are:

  • Consistency of application – set your application rate for automatic dispersion between 0.3 ml/day (12 months) up to 4 ml/day (1 month)

  • Safer, easier & faster application – it’s much safer, easier and faster to change out the automated lubrication system, and this is done less often than manual lubrication.

  • Cost effective – the time savings and improved machine performance from having consistent and correct lubrication often make automatic lubrication systems the more cost effective solution to manual lubrication.


We recommend the GREASOMATIC®96 which is a battery-free, single point automatic lubricator.

Why battery free?

For reliability….with a couple of added bonuses

Traditional automatic lubricators which operate using batteries have been known to have issues with circuitry failure caused by corrosion of the batteries. The GREASOMATIC operates using it’s own unique chemical expulsion unit, so there are no springs or mechanisms to corrode:

Built into the top of each GREASOMATIC is a flexible rubber expansion chamber containing a liquid electrolyte and a galvanic element. The unit is activated by injecting the galvanic element into the electrolyte.

  • The resultant electro-chemical reaction generates a steadily increasing amount of gas, which gradually expands against a piston, to extrude the lubricant slowly but surely into the bearing to which the GREASOMATIC is fitted.

  • The chemicals and gas remain hermetically sealed within the expansion chamber so that no contamination of the lubricant can occur, even after the unit itself is spent.

  • During the working life of the GREASOMATIC, an indicating ring on the ejection piston shows through translucent windows in the body to enable the discharge state to be monitored.

Pump Up To 6m!

One of the added bonuses of the unique chemical expulsion unit is it allows the GREASOMATIC to pump significantly further than other automatic lubrication systems such as SKF System 24. The GREASOMATIC can pump up to 6 metres (6000mm). This is due to 16% higher pressure – and there’s no need to worry about potential explosions, the GREASOMATIC has a pressure release valve to guard against the possibility of it being fitted to a bearing with blocked grease ways!

Zero Hazardous Waste

The other added bonus of being battery-free is there’s no hazardous battery disposal needed – another task you can eliminate from the list.

If the GREASOMATIC sounds like a solution you’d like to try, give us a call on 09 837 1174 or email It’s suited to just about any application and industry, and with numerous greases including:



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