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Is Oil Testing Really Necessary?

We all know the happy hum that comes from a machine that’s just had its oil changed – after all, an engine will always run better on fresh oil. But do you need to test the oil for changing, or should it just get changed out at regular intervals?

There’s actually more to it than that.

Your oil should be changed at regular intervals – for example every 6 months. Simply put, your engines will always perform better when running on fresh oil. How often should that change be? Well that depends on a number of factors including the type of oil being used and the usage of the machine.

As for testing the oil – this should also be done regularly.

Why? Testing the oil is not solely to determine if the oil needs changing. Changes in your oil can also indicate potential issues with the system. This is HUGELY important, because if there is something wrong it will give you an early indication so something can be done.

If you don’t test, you don’t know, and the last thing any plant wants is motor failure.

So is oil testing really necessary? If you want to mitigate the chances of costly machine breakdowns (like what can be seen below) - we’d say yes!


Need An Oil Test?

Our oil analysis kits are quick and easy, providing you with the information you need to ensure your machines remain in good operating condition.

  • Fast Turnaround - A New Zealand based laboratory ensures a 2-5 day turnaround (depending on courier times).

  • Independently tested - we use an independent laboratory to test your oils for non-biased results.

  • Results Analysis - we'll take the scientific results and provide you with a humanised analysis of what your results show.

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