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Lubricant Suppliers – If They’re Not Making You Money, They’re A Cost

Successful businesses are usually the ones continuously looking for ways they can do things better - work more efficiently, reduce costs, improve processes. A lot of the time the focus is on internal processes, but have you ever considered the role suppliers have in your processes?

If you’re looking for operational efficiencies, choosing the right lubricant supplier can have quite an impact. Is your lubricant supplier one that brings value to your business, or just to themselves?

Realistically your lubricant supplier can and should be doing more than just selling you a needed resource. In fact, lubricant products are just the tip of the iceberg – it’s the service that will make the biggest impact to your business.

The right lubricant supplier won’t just be focused on product itself, but how finding the right product or group of products and services can enhance your operational efficiencies. A visit from your lubricant supplier should be focused on providing value such as cost savings, increased equipment performance, compliance with food safety standards, and enhancing productivity overall.

If you’re looking to evaluate current, or potential suppliers, consider these points:

  • Do they supply products that will comply with regulations and meet your needs?

  • Are relevant product certifications and documents readily available?

  • Do they work with you to consolidate your inventory lines?

  • Can they deliver tangible proof of performance and how it will impact your bottom line?

  • Do they take an interest in your business and look to find cost-savings?

  • What services do they provide that take jobs off your hands?



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