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Predicted Oil Shortages In New Zealand?

Given the turbulence from a myriad of things around the world at the moment, we’re getting a fair few questions around supply and whether or not there’s any predicted oil shortages on the cards…we’ve got some positive news around this!

As we all know, the movement of products around the world, and even within New Zealand has taken a beating of recent times with deliveries taking longer than usual – and unfortunately it’s not looking like this will improve any time soon. On top of this the war in Ukraine is making things that much more scary as Russia is where a lot of base oil comes from…

The Good News

Our base oils don’t come from Russia! Phew!

Luckily for us, Petro Canada’s base oils are sourced from Canada. What’s more – Petro Canada has a number of bulk storage locations globally where product can be sourced where required.

With supply being a rather important part of what we do, Duramach is in regular contact with our distributors in the UK, Australia and Canada to keep our finger on the pulse with what’s happening.

We’ve adapted to the longer freight times by ordering early and keeping plenty of stock in our Auckland warehouse – so all in all, we don’t see any stock shortages of our lubricants in the near future.

Of course if you’d like to give your plant an extra level of protection against potential supply delays or shortages, Duramach do offer an easy stock solution that provides a constant supply of your commonly used lubricants on site, with regular replenishment's, but you only pay for what’s used. You can learn more about it here, but in essence the solution gives you that extra protection against stock outs while also being good for cash flow. Find out more here.

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