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Supply Chain Holding You Back?

Let’s not beat around the bush – supply chain’s been a big pain in the butt for the past few years and we’re not seeing signs of vast improvement any time soon.

The compound effects of the global pandemic have made shipping slow and expensive…if you can get the products you need at all.

In typical kiwi fashion, we’ve sucked it up, accepted the added expense, long waiting times and substitute products and just got on with the job…but it’s time we stopped.

  • Stop wasting time waiting on couriers to arrive.

  • Stop sacrificing quality production by using inferior substitute products.

  • Stop adding the costs of excess shipping, order handling, and lost production time to your bottom line.

What we can accept, is that the old way of doing things is no longer working. Production demands have increased while the resources needed have decreased, and we need to adapt to more innovative ways of doing things if we’re to keep businesses afloat, quality employees paid what they deserve, and customers happy.

Make sure you’re working with companies that have got your back, and will do what’s right, not just what’s right for them.

Regardless of our own challenges with supply chain, Duramach have adapted to ensure we can still meet the demands of our customers. The world may have changed, but that doesn’t mean our core value proposition has to.

  • We’re ordering earlier

  • We’re stocking more

  • We’re offering alternative stock management solutions

EasyStock allows customers to carry plenty of stock on-site, while Duramach manage it for you, eliminating reliance on couriers, ensuring adequate stock levels are always available, and removing the hassles that come with stock management.

EasyStock customers choose not to let supply chain issues hold them back.

  • They’re not waiting on orders to arrive – product is always available on-site.

  • They’re not running down to the shop for supplies – they have their own supply ‘shop’ on-site.

  • They’re not wasting money on shipping, delayed production, or someone’s time in managing stock and placing orders – the onus is on Duramach to ensure they’ve got ongoing supply.

Stop accepting supply chain failures and adapt to a better way of doing things. Give us a call, and we’ll organise a solution.

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