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Why Refrigeration Engineers Are Changing To Mineral Based Compressor Fluids

Mineral based refrigerator compressor fluids are quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ for refrigeration engineers as advancements in technology see oils produced which achieve the same performance as a synthetic, and in some cases have proven benefits of better protection of compressor components.

Previously synthetic based compressor oils were all the rage – sure they came at a higher cost than their mineral counterparts, but they could handle the extreme temperatures needed for industrial refrigeration compressors.

Oil manufacturers are moving away from the old processing methods as advancements in technology have meant mineral oils can now be produced to provide the same performance as synthetic options but with better sealing properties, and are a lot more cost effective.

What are these new technologies?

Much of it comes from the refining process of the base oils – after all, it’s the base oils that make up 70% of the product. Previous refining processes achieved a purity level of around 70-85%, however new processes allow for a base oil that’s almost completely free of impurities (99.9%).

A superior base oil combined with the right additives has resulted in the development of mineral based compressor fluids that have been proven to perform in temperatures as low as -45°C, providing reliable, long-term performance and cost savings.

Our REFLO A Compressor Fluids are one such product that’s seeing a large increase in demand among refrigeration engineers and food manufacturers. Aside from its low temperature performance, REFLO is designed to clean the system of impurities. In fact, feedback from customers has been that they’ve had to clean the filters more frequently for the first few months as the REFLO cleaned out the old sludge deposits the synthetic oils has have missed.

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