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Lubricant Management Made Easy

As a specialist supplier of industrial lubrication, we offer everything you need to keep your operations running like a well-oiled machine (literally).


Duramach offer the whole package and bring value to your business.


Our consignment style stock management system takes the burden of stock management off your hands and puts the responsibility on us to:

  • Ensure you’ve always got stock on hand when needed.

  • Consolidate your inventory and optimise stock levels for efficient spending.

  • Keep lubricants stored in tidy, easily accessible, and compliant facilities for efficient use.  


Consolidating inventory can be a hugely valuable exercise:

  • How much capital is being tied up in unused or rarely used product?

  • How much floor space is being occupied by unnecessary product?

  • How much time and effort is wasted managing more skus than you really need?


We can work with you to ensure you’re only stocking items that bring you maximum value and efficiencies.  


Leave the clean up to us! Keeping facilities clean, tidy and free of waste is important for any efficient operation.


If Duramach supply it, we can also deal with the waste.


Regular testing and analysis of oils is a low cost, preventative maintenance measure to safeguard against machinery breakdowns while ensuring optimum performance from your lubricants.


Duramach work with a New Zealand based laboratory to independently test your oils for non-biased results. Tests usually take 2-5 working days, and we’ll discuss any results and suggested actions with you to ensure operations continue working at optimum levels.

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