Industrial Grade

HYDREX™ MV Hydraulic Fluids

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For heavy duty hydraulic oil applications operating at high pressures and in wide temperature ranges.



Industrial Grade, Hydraulic Fluids


Hydrex MV fluids are premium performance, long life anti-wear hydraulic fluids designed for use in wide temperature ranges. They are ideally suited for piston, gear and vane hydraulic pumps used in industrial, marine, woodlands, mining and other mobile hydraulic systems. Hydrex MV fluids offer minimal fluid friction at low start up temperatures and maintain optimum viscosity at high operating temperatures.

Hydrex MV Artic 15 is a fluid designed for extremely cold temperature operations, particularly in artic climates, allowing hydraulic systems to start at temperatures below - 46 degrees Celsius under no-load conditions. It is also readily biodegradable as measured by the CEC L-33-A-93 test and recommended for use in emergency shut down valves or other critical low temperature heavy-duty hydraulic systems that are required to respond quickly and reliably.    
  • Combines minimal fluid friction at low start-up temperatures with protection at high operating temperatures
  • Energy efficiencies are realized compared to monograde hydraulic oil when exposed to wide temperature fluctuations
Ideally suited for piston, gear and vane hydraulic oil pumps used in industrial, marine, forestry, mining and other hydraulic systems.
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