For a lot of our customers, oil waste can be a compliance, storage and sustainability issue.


  • Oils, greases and their containers need to be disposed of in the right way to ensure compliance. 

  • Free waste disposal services often require you to store the waste product on site until they are ready to collect it.

  • Empty/almost empty containers, or redundant product is left messy around the plant.


Of course none of that helps in your efforts to promote sustainable environmentally friendly practices…like waste reduction…



We’re here to help!  Part of Duramach’s SmartSupply system includes waste management. We'll clean up and correctly dispose of any empty oil tubs and containers, and make sure your lubricant storage area is free from redundant product. Where possible we'll even recycle the old containers so they don’t just end up in landfill!  


How often does waste get collected?

We’ll organise waste collection around the same time as your monthly replenishment.

Can waste be picked up more frequently?

Yes, although this may be an additional cost.

Who is responsible for putting the waste product out for collection?

Our replenishers will do this when they come to restock your EasyStock cabinet.

What if we already have a waste management service?

If you already have a service you’re happy with that’s great! This is just a service we offer, but you don’t have to use it.

What if we want to keep old containers for other uses?

That’s absolutely fine, just let us know or put the used containers in another location so they don’t get put out for collection.

More questions?

If you're interested, or have more questions just enquire below or give us a call on 09 837 1174!