There's a BetterWay with Duramach

We're your specialist suppliers of top performing industrial and food grade oils and lubricants throughout New Zealand.


Food Grade

PURITY FG food grade fluids and greases have been a preferred product for food factories and refrigeration engineers in New Zealand for over 20 years.



Our REFLO range of lubricants provide the uninterrupted performance critical to maintaining product shelf life.



Our industrial lubricants are used in many different plants and operations in New Zealand resulting in equipment that lasts longer and less downtime which equates to increased productivity.


Base Oils

Most of the oils and greases you use are made up from over 70% base oils - making base oils selection more than a little important. 


We’re like you.

There’s a job to be done and it needs to be done better.

You need better oils and lubricants supplied at the best time - that’s exactly what we do. We’re the specialist team helping keep your cogs greased, oiled, and turning – literally!