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    Resistant to contamination & intensive cleaning

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We're your specialist suppliers of top performing industrial and food grade oils and lubricants throughout New Zealand.
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Increase machinery efficiency

Our oil is hydro-cracked which improves its integrity and purity, and helps your machinery work harder for longer.

Safer around people

Because our oil has less impurities and is highly refined, it's very safe for your staff to use and work around on a daily basis.

Helping the environment

Do your part to reduce New Zealand's carbon footprint by using our line of environmentally responsible lubricants.

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  • “Switching to Petro-Canada’s PURITY™ FG has reduced costs, increased our up-time and improved the performance of our equipment.”

  • "Opening a mine is a huge undertaking, which is why new mines don’t open every day. So when they do, it’s important to choose the right people to work with. We believe we have a great business relationship with Petro-Canada."

  • "Cuts cost of lubrication purchases in half with PURITYTM FG “We switched all of our lubricants to Petro-Canada and since then we’ve seen amazing results, and reduced our purchases from $198,500 ($194,500 USD) to $90,200 ($88,400 USD) per year."

  • “Working with Petro-Canada has been excellent across the board,” said Needham. “Throughout our ten years working together, customer service – from technical help to delivery lead time – has been first-rate.”

  • “Switching to Petro-Canada’s PURITY FG has reduced costs,increased our up-time and improved the performance of our equipment,” said Needham. ”We have over 10 years of experience with Petro-Canada and we are pleased with the performance that their PURITY FG AW 46 Hydraulic Fluid has provided.”

The Petro-Canada refinery in Ontario, Canada is one of the largest in the world, producing more than one billion litres per year, as well as being the only North American producer of high margin Group III base oils. Petro-Canada produces 99.9% pure base oils – among the purest in the world. Virtually free of impurities that can hinder fluid performance; these crystal clear base oils are fortified with specialty selected additives.