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Food Grade Lubricants


Industrial Lubricant Specialists

Keep your operations running like a well-oiled machine...literally!


We’re here to offer the whole package and bring value to your business.

  • Specialist lubricants with proven capabilities, sourced from world renown producers to ensure quality and reliability in product and supply.

  • Supply continuity in New Zealand – not only do we have systems in place to ensure stock availability internally, but we work with oil producers that have networks in multiple locations globally to give us as much of a guaranteed supply as we can get!

  • Testing & analysis to get to the bottom of what’s currently going on with your machinery and where changes can be made (we use an unbiased third party)

  • Oil compatibility recommendations to ensure any changeover is smooth and without complications.

  • Consolidation of product lines so you’ve got less inventory to take care of and less chance of waste or cross contamination between products.

  • Up-to-date product documentation such as technical and safety data sheets and MPI approvals are available on our website – or just ask and we can email anything you need!

  • Re-stocking – talk to us about our consignment style solution for taking the hassle out of inventory management. 

  • Waste management - leave the clean up to us! Keeping facilities clean, tidy and free of waste is important for any efficient operation.


PURITY FG Food Grade

PURITY FG food grade fluids and greases have been a preferred product for food factories and refrigeration engineers in New Zealand for over 20 years.


Our REFLO range of lubricants provide the uninterrupted performance critical to maintaining product shelf life.

REFLO Refrigerator Compressor Fluids

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Our industrial lubricants are used in many different plants and operations in New Zealand resulting in equipment that lasts longer and less downtime which equates to increased productivity.

Industrial Grade

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