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Avoid Leaky Seals In Refrigeration Compressor Fluid Change-Overs

Have you been reluctant to switch your refrigeration compressor fluid after experiencing the undesirable affects of seal leakage in previous attempts? You’re not alone.

Not so long ago many companies were forced to move away from mineral-based refrigerator compressor fluids in favour of synthetic fluids which, among other things, had a lower pour point and therefore higher performance capabilities in cooler conditions. Unfortunately, not all oil changeovers went smoothly. Where the previously used naphthenic oils had a swelling effect on seals, if the new synthetic oils didn’t have a good swell agent additive, they had a shrinking effect…causing leakage.

Understandably if you’ve had this kind of experience, you may be reluctant to try again, but the good news is, if you’re upgrading to the ‘new’ technology mineral refrigerant oils it’s extremely unlikely you’ll have the same issues – here’s why…

‘New’ Technology

While many synthetic refrigeration compressor fluids have good performance levels, technology has evolved further to produce mineral oils like REFLO 68A which have been formulated to outperform solvent refined paraffinic and naphthenic refrigerant oils, helping to extend service life, thereby reducing operating costs (find out more here).

Among other benefits, REFLO 68A is one of the most seal friendly refrigeration lubricants on the market. Contrary to the shrinkage that can occur with synthetic lubricants, REFLO 68A causes little or no seal swell. In fact, most OEM’s use Neoprene® (Polychloroprene), HSN (Highly Saturated Nitrile) or BUNA N (Nitrile) seals, and REFLO refrigeration compressor fluids are fully compatible with these types of materials. So simply put, REFLO 68A won’t shrink your seals, and may in fact help them!

Of course, as with most lubricants, it is not recommended REFLO 68A be used to top-up your pre-existing refrigeration compressor fluids – a full change-out should be completed. On its own, REFLO will show immense performance benefits, however mixed with lubricants that have different chemistries it will have mixed results.

Our recommendation? Give us a call. We’re happy to discuss your current compressor fluid, refrigeration compressor system, and compatibility with REFLO. We’ll even test your current oil to check for any risks prior to changing over.

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