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CASE STUDY: Purity FG Meat Rail Lube Performed The Best At The Right Price

'We tested Purity FG Trolley Fluid (Meat Rail Lube) and we knew after the first use that is was just as free-flowing as other lubricants we tried, but it had surprisingly better adhesion.'

The Danish Crown Group is an international food producer with production and sales across the world. When other Danish Crown facilities started to change out their lubricant products, the plant in Sæby, Denmark decided it was time to upgrade to a plant-wide lubricants program that aims for the best lubrication practice in safety and quality across the board.

They decided to trial Purity FG Trolley fluid (Meat Rail Lube) - this is their story...


The Challenge

The Sæby facility is one of the largest pork slaughterhouses in Europe, with 1,100 employees processing 50,000 pigs and 2,500 sows a week, primarily for export markets. Processing 832 pigs per hour from early Monday morning until late Friday night places great demands on the plant’s equipment. Engineers at Danish Crown searched for years to find a lubricant with the right adhesion to stick to the conveyor without dripping.


The Solution

It was paramount for Danish Crown to obtain a lubricant that adhered to the overhead trolley system without dripping down on the carcasses below as they are conveyed through the plant. Previous products used had failed in this respect, and risked contaminating the meat that was travelling to the next stage of the slaughtering process. Following several visits from Petro-Canada’s Danish Distributor Petro-Chem AS, a sample of PURITY FG Trolley Fluid was provided for trial.

'We tested PURITY FG Trolley Fluid from Petro-Canada Lubricants and we knew after the first use that it was just as free-flowing as other lubricants we tried, but it had surprisingly better adhesion. You typically find these types of oils only in specialist firms and at much higher prices.'

- Tommy Dahl, Plant Maintenance Engineer


The Result

'The oil from Petro-Canada performed the best at the right price.'

- Ole Aaberg, Plant Maintenance Manager

Following their success with PURITY FG Trolley Fluid in this application, Danish Crown in Sæby dropped all other competitive lubricant brands and is now lubricating everything – chains, bearings, gears, hydraulics – with Petro-Canada Lubricants.

'We switched all of our lubricants to Petro-Canada and since then, we’ve seen amazing results and reduced our purchases from 1.1 million to 500,000 DKK per year.'

- Ole Aaberg, Plant Maintenance Manager

The success of PURITY FG Trolley Fluid (Meat Rail Lube) at the Sæby Plant was a deciding factor that led Danish Crown to select Petro-Canada Lubricants as a key partner in upgrading all of their plants in Denmark.



PURITY FG Lubricants excel at delivering food safe, industrial strength protection in even the most severe operating conditions. Collectively, the lubricants are specially formulated to provide

a number of benefits, including longer lasting protection, excellent wear performance and, when it comes to greases, high resistance against water washout.

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