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Refrigeration Compressor Oils – In Stock?

There’s no room for uncertainty when it comes to having the right refrigeration compressor oils on hand to keep your machines going. Supply is critical – refrigeration compressor oils are simply something you can’t do without. But what can you do when global shortages and shipping delays make supply unreliable? Here’s what we’ve done…

Our REFLO™ A Compressor Fluids are the top selling lubricant for refrigeration engineers and food processing businesses because they perform like a synthetic at -42 degrees. Of course

along with performance, you need the product to be available. Refrigeration is a big deal in the food industry – we can’t have the food going bad because it wasn’t kept cool!

Global shortages, shipping delays? Who cares? It’s a supplier’s job to make sure you’ve got what you need, when you need it.

Refrigeration Compressor Fluid Supplier Warehouse

So, what does Duramach do to ensure we’ve always got plenty of our REFLO™ refrigeration compressor oils in stock?

Simply put, we stock lots of it! With New Zealand being a country reliant on food production, we’re high consumers of refrigeration compressor oils. We carry between 8-12 months’ worth of REFLO™ at any time. This ensures there’s always plenty to go around.

Yes, we’ve had to adapt to take into account 3–7-month shipping delays. And yes, we keep a close tab on stock availability overseas. The main thing is – we’ve got what you need, and that’s not changing any time soon!


Our REFLO™ refrigeration compressor oils have been proven to provide:

  • Lower oil volatility can reduce fluid consumption and maintenance costs.

  • Lower solubility in ammonia helps improve refrigeration efficiency.

  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability extends fluid life, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

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