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The Importance of Food Grade Oils in Dairy Factories

It's no wonder New Zealand is world renown for its high quality milk and dairy production - our dairy factories follow some pretty strict rules for ensuring the safety and purity of these products. As any maintenance engineer working in the dairy industry can attest, quality dairy production is not just about the milk itself, but also the equipment and machinery used in the production process. That's where food grade oils come in.

Dairy Factory Maintenance

Food grade oils are specially formulated to meet the safety and purity standards required in the food and beverage industry. They are designed to protect machinery while also preventing contamination of the products being produced. This is especially important in a dairy factory, where even small amounts of contamination can affect the taste and quality of the milk and dairy products.

In a dairy factory, food grade oils can be used in a variety of ways, including lubricating gears and bearings, preventing rust and corrosion, and keeping equipment running smoothly. Some common types of food grade oils used in dairy factories include spray lubricants, greases, white mineral oils, chain fluids, compressor oils, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, heat transfer fluids, meat rail lube and refrigeration compressor fluids.

It's important to note that not all oils are created equal. New Zealand has some strict rules and regulations around the use of lubricants in food production. It's essential to use oils that are not just labelled as 'food grade', but also approved by New Zealand's Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) for use in dairy factories. Dairy approved food grade lubricants have been tested to ensure they are suitable and don't contaminate the raw milk, damage the equipment and rubberware. Always check the lubricants are MPI dairy approved before using them in a dairy factory.

In summary, food grade oils play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and purity of milk and dairy products in New Zealand. By using the right oils and lubricants, dairy factory operators can protect their machinery, increase the lifespan of their equipment, and give customers peace of mind knowing that their products are safe for consumption.

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